This student accused David Cameron of 'waffling' and won a legion of online fans


One of the highlights from the first major live TV event of the EU referendum campaign was undoubtedly when English literature student Soraya Bouazzaoui laid into David Cameron and accused him of "waffling".

She slated the Prime Minister over his insistence that Turkey will not become a part of the European Union any time soon.

The Muslim, who studies at Southampton Solent University, said she had intended to vote Remain in the June 23 referendum but had been put off by the In campaign, which she described as "a complete shambles".

"I've seen nothing but scaremongering, I've seen no valid facts, I've seen no pros and cons," said Bouazzaoui during the Sky debate. "Everything I've seen has made voting In to the EU look worse."

When Cameron tried to assure her that he was making a positive case for remaining in the EU, she cut him off, saying: "That's not answering my question. Let me finish now, because I've seen you interrupt many people before. Let me finish.

"I'm an English literature student, I know waffling when I see it, OK. I'm sorry, but you're not answering my question - how can you reassure people who want to vote Out that we are safe from extremism when we are willing to work with a government like Turkey who want to be part of the EU when they are under heavy accusation?"

So in other words, she went IN.

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Tonnes of people on social media praised her for saying exactly what she thought to the PM.

But there were others who thought she didn't come across well at all.

But Bouazzaoui hit back at claims she was rude by saying she had given the Prime Minister a "taste of his own medicine".

Whatever your opinion, you've got to admit it takes guts to speak out like that in front of all those people - so props to you, gal.

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