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Here are five stories you should read right now.

1. Pusha T has confirmed another G.O.O.D. album is on its way

Artwork for Pusha T and Jay Z's Drug Dealers Anonymous

Pusha T revealed the second collective album - featuring Kanye West's G.O.O.D. artists - is on the way.

He also shared how he got Jay Z on Drug Dealers Anonymous.

What are people saying?

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2. A dagger entombed with ancient Egypt's King Tutankhamun was made from meteorite materials


According to new research. An iron dagger found with King Tut in 1925 has long puzzled scientists.

But now the mystery may have been solved.

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3. Facebook is introducing an artificially intelligent feature that can understand what you're saying


Impressive or scary?

So DeepText will apparently interpret all your communications from status updates to private messages and supposedly make your Facebook experience better.

For example if you PM someone about needing a ride, it will offer to get you a taxi.

What are people saying?

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4. 72 new emojis are on their way


Fingers crossed, sneezing with a tissue and an avocado are just some of the new 72 emojis that have been approved.

There's a few to rival the phallic aubergine - from the cucumber to the baguette.

See the new emojis here.

5. A baby who was swapped at birth has been reunited with his parents

(BBC News/PA) Couple holding their baby
(BBC News/PA)

A couple whose baby was swapped at birth in El Salvador have finally returned home, a year after their son was born.

Richard Cushworth, originally from Bradford, West Yorkshire, and his Salvadoran wife Mercedes Casanellas tracked down their son Moses after realising the baby they had been taking care of was not theirs.

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