RAF jets and drones join Iraqi operations against Islamic State

British aircraft have carried out further strikes against Islamic State (IS) targets as the battle to oust the group from a key Iraqi stronghold continues.

Iraqi government forces have been fighting to regain control of Fallujah, with coalition air strikes providing support.

The Ministry of Defence released details of operations carried out by RAF jets and unmanned drones on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Video footage of one attack shows an IS truck being destroyed by an anti-tank missile fired from a Reaper drone.

On Tuesday, Tornado jets used Paveway IV guided bombs to destroy two heavy machine guns threatening the Iraqi advance on Fallujah.

Meanwhile, in northern Iraq a Typhoon jet and Reaper drone supported the Kurdish peshmerga and Iraqi forces.

The Typhoon destroyed a local IS commander's HQ near Mosul while the Reaper assisted another coalition aircraft in targeting an engineering vehicle near Qayyarah before using its Hellfire missile against IS mortar teams.

Both the Typhoons and Reaper then headed south to support the advance on Fallujah, with the jets attacking a machine-gun post and the drone destroying an IS supply truck.

The MoD said the Reaper operator watched a group of IS fighters test-firing and loading weapons, including a heavy machine gun, onto the vehicle.

Video footage shows the impact of the Reaper's Hellfire missile on the moving truck, which can then be seen veering off the road.

A second Reaper destroyed both a machine-gun team and a vehicle carrying a recoilless anti-tank gun with its Hellfires.

The drones were in action again on Wednesday, attacking rocket launch rails near Qayyarah and a checkpoint in Iraq near the border with Syria.

Two Tornado missions provided reconnaissance and close air support to Iraqi forces around Fallujah.

One pair of Tornados used Paveway IVs to attack IS-held buildings close to a canal to the south of the city, one holding a sniper and the other an anti-tank gun.

The second Tornado flight targeted a heavy machine gun after it opened fire on the advancing Iraqi troops.