*Oops* 4-year-old boy knocks over £10,000 Lego figure... and it smashes into pieces

Now this is what you call a tantrum (or just one very awkward accident).

A statue of a fox called Nick - a character in the animated film Zootopia, FYI - has been left as rubble after a four-year-old boy single-handedly knocked it over. And awkwardly, it had only been on display at the Lego Expo in Ningbo, China, for an hour.

But the worst bit? The mastermind behind Nick - who's only known as Mr Zhao - spent more than 100,000 yuan (£10,382) building it.

Before-and-after pictures of his doomed figurine were first shared by Mr Zhao on Chinese social media Weibo. Now they've made it to Twitter and people seem to have varying ideas of what actually happened...

But, no, it was definitely the boy knocking the statue over, and not staff shooting it down.

Mr Zhao has said it took him three days and nights to construct Nick the fox.

So, yeah, we imagine he was pretty pleased with his efforts - and the finished thing.

And we also imagine that watching the fox fall went a little something like this... (just remember how proud you were of your Lego creations in the past).

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