In or out? David Cameron gets a grilling from Faisal Islam and a fiery audience in Sky News EU debate

Another night, another EU In/Out debate. Another set of questions hurled at someone who doesn't really know what's going to happen if we stay or if we go. But that didn't stop a fired-up Faisal Islam and several sassy audience member from going IN on David Cameron, who looked somewhat hot under the collar as he struggled to churn out pre-memorised soundbites on Thursday evening's live Sky News show.

First off, Cameron took a grilling from Sky's Political Editor, Islam, who was widely commended on Twitter for his hard and direct interviewing technique.

The pair debated immigration and trade, with Islam asking when net migration targets will be met. "I'm not going to put a date on it," said the PM, but insisted it's possible inside the EU.

One of the evening's most memorable quotes came from Cameron saying of the EU; "sometimes this organisation drives me crazy".

Another moment worth remembering was Islam's "What comes first - World War III or the global Brexit recession?" Good LOLs all round from that one.

The real star of the show was audience member Soraya, who asked whether we should be concerned over Turkey joining the EU.

The PM replied that Turkey won't join "until the year 3000´´. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, we have a potential Busted fan in the house. Naturally, Twitter loved it.

Soraya also drew a round of applause when she told the PM off for "waffling". "I'm an English Literature student," she said, "I know a waffle when I hear it."

After an hour in which the term "scaremongering" was thrown around quite a bit, Cameorn finished on the sentiment: "Don't throw a dice on our children's future. Britain doesn't succeed when we quit."

We're sure we've heard that one somewhere before...

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An hour later and where do we stand now? Has anyone been swayed or are the Inners still in, the Outers still out and the Errrr I dunno-ers still scratching their heads?

Who knows? All of a sudden we're hungry. Waffles, anyone?

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