Forget the last-minute dash for your plane... EasyJet is now refusing late passengers at Gatwick


Picture the scene - you've nabbed a cheap flight, you're really, really excited to go on holiday and you've finally made it to London Gatwick airport.

But do you somehow always manage to end up running for your plane, looking a little like this?

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If the answer's "yes", then you might want to up your timekeeping game. Because budget airline easyJet is cracking down on late passengers and stopping anyone going through airport security at London Gatwick (their largest base) if there is less than 30 minutes until their flight.

See, customers have previously been allowed to make a dash for the plane even though gates officially close half an hour before take-off. Cue sweaty passengers boarding in the nick of time after slightly too long spent looking in duty free.

But this new rule at Gatwick means boarding passes will not allow access to a flight within 30 minutes of its departure.

security at an airport with a man taking his belt off
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Those passengers could face paying up to £80 to reach their destination.

An easyJet spokeswoman said the policy was introduced to benefit travellers who arrive at the West Sussex airport on time.

"Punctuality is important to our passengers and that is why we ask passengers to be at the gate no later than 30 minutes before the flight departs," she said.

"This means that if passengers are still yet to clear security (by that time) they will be unable to achieve this, particularly at larger airports like Gatwick when walks to some gates can take up to 20 minutes."

passenger walking in between gates
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She added that the scheme would "eliminate unnecessary journeys" for passengers who need to return landside after reaching the gate too late.

British Airways runs a similar policy at Heathrow Terminal Five, where the limit is 35 minutes.

Affected easyJet customers who take out missed flight cover before the departure time for £7.50 are able to get a full refund or a seat on the next available flight.

But if you're without cover? You'll be charged £80 to catch the next flight.