Would you rather a friend use your toothbrush or your mobile?


It seems we've become a generation more interested in protecting our privacy than our health.

The millennial generation would rather allow a friend to share their toothbrush, or their bed, than allow them to use their mobile phone, according to the O2 Mobile Life Report.

Woman using an Android smarthphone
*Locks phones* "Can I interest you in using my toothbrush instead?" (Geert Vanden Wijngaert/AP/PA)

Fewer than one in 20 (4.5%) of those aged between 18 and 24 would allow a close friend access to their smartphone, while almost one in 10 (9%) would allow a friend to share their toothbrush - in spite of the millions of bacteria that are likely to inhabit it.

Two women on a bed using their mobile phone
"You can lay there, just don't ask to swap phones" (boggy22/Thinkstock)

One in six (15%) would allow a friend to share their bed and a quarter (25%) would share their clothes. Only the sharing of a bath came lower - although 2% (or just under a million people across the country as a whole) would still be willing to do so.