7 reasons why cheese rolling is the most bizarre (but brilliant) way to spend a Bank Holiday Monday


What do you get if you put together giant wheels of Gloucestershire cheese, a scarily steep hill and lots of people with the day off work and potentially nothing better to do?

Only the crazy annual event that is the cheese rolling race, held near Brockworth in, yep, Gloucestershire.

If you've never seen what goes down in this event before, be prepared - yes, OK, the name of the event kinda gives it away but it will still be the weirdest (and best) thing you'll see, well, for a while at least. Here's why...

1. There's views like this.

2. And tweets like this.

We were all singing it in our heads already, let's be honest (No? Just us then?)

3. People come up with hilarious alternatives.

4. This sign is everything.

Seriously, who knew cheese could ever be so dangerous?

5. For real, the hill is SO steep.

6. There's actual catchers waiting at the bottom.

7. And you know what, it does look kinda fun.

Although maybe not on a hangover...