Chris Evans tells of his 'nightmare' filming scary Top Gear stunts


Chris Evans has spoken of his fear while performing death-defying stunts for the filming of Top Gear.

The presenter said he was fully aware of the dangers involved with making the show, and described some of the high-speed segments that left him thinking of his mortality.

Speaking to the Sunday People, he explained: "I really love my kids and I really love my wife.

"But if I am gonna go in the next few years, maybe this is the way I would prefer to go.''

The 50-year-old said that while filming the first six shows of the new series - which airs on Sunday night - there had been two particular moments that left him terrified.

Recalling surviving a high-powered Jaguar crash while filming in Cuba, Evans said: "I took it to the limit and I ran out of talent and road."

He described filming a South African safari "rally" featured in the first show.

The father-of-four told the newspaper: "I was scared. Really scared. We ended up on a massive, massive nine-mile pass that goes up to over 3,000 metres.

"That was scary because there was nothing but a massive drop on the side of the track. It was a loose gravel road and we were going as fast as we could possibly go and it was getting dark because it was late filming.

"That was a real nightmare, to be honest."