See under the skin of 100 animals with new exhibition from Dr Gunther von Hagens


Anatomist Dr Gunther von Hagens is back with an exhibition of animals preserved using his specially-created Plastination technique.

More than 100 specimens can be seen during Animals Inside Out including an elephant, giraffe and octopus. It took the team more than 64,000 hours to complete the work on the elephant.

Plastination allows visitors to see under the skin of real animals in intricate detail.

Von Hagens' technique - which he previously applied to an exhibition of the human body - halts the decomposition of the body by replacing fluids with plastics such as silicone rubber, polymers and resins to permanently preserve the specimens.

Animals Inside Out, previously in Canada, opens in Newcastle on May 28 at the Centre For Life. Tickets are available here. It will be in situ until January.

No animal was killed or harmed for the exhibition. It was made possible thanks to cooperation from zoos and university veterinary programmes.