Police officer sacked over 'truly shocking' catalogue of misconduct

A police officer has been sacked for making racist and homophobic slurs about colleagues and members of the public and ignoring a call to respond to an incident in which a man died after being stabbed more than 200 times.

Sergeant Kirsten Treasure, who served in Croydon, south London, also refused to investigate a shoplifting case, pressured an officer into not giving evidence against her and lied in a misconduct hearing.

Ms Treasure was dismissed after a two-week case found her guilty of gross misconduct and breaching the Met's professional behaviour standards.

The hearing found that on 15 occasions she made derogatory, demeaning, racist and homophobic comments about fellow officers and members of the public.

Ms Treasure was also found to have ignored an initial call for police assistance following reports that a man had been attacked in New Addington, Croydon, in April 2014.

Andrew Else, 52, died when he was stabbed more than 200 times by paranoid schizophrenic Ephraim Norman, 24, who was later detained indefinitely in Broadmoor maximum security hospital after pleading guilty to manslaughter.

Scotland Yard said officers were on the scene of the attack within seven minutes, but Ms Treasure failed to properly respond to the call for help.

She and another sergeant were placed on restricted duties while an investigation was carried out, interviewed under caution and a file was passed to the Crown Prosecution Service, but no criminal charges were brought and the case against the second officer was dropped.

But Ms Treasure later lied in a misconduct interview about the events.

She was also found guilty of failing to properly investigate a shoplifting in May 2014 when a suspect was chased out of a store by staff members, and the following month asked a colleague to give her the names of officers who had complained about her.

She later pressured an officer not to give evidence against her.

Ms Treasure was found guilty of gross misconduct and dismissed without notice.

Chief Superintendent Matt Gardner, from the Met's Directorate of Professional Standards, said: "The catalogue of misconduct by this officer is truly shocking. PS Treasure has abandoned her sworn oath to protect the people of London and had no regard for the victim, Andrew Else.

"Her language and behaviour has left no room for her to remain within a police service which demands the highest levels of integrity and professionalism.

"Her attitudes to people, be they colleagues, the public or victims of crime, have been shown to be appalling, the polar opposite of what those of a police officer should be, and it is clear that the panel were fully justified in dismissing this officer."