Here's why an on-duty cop made a pizza delivery


Waiting for a takeaway to arrive is a tense time. You pace around the room, you check your watch, you may even find yourself seeing things as hunger gets the better of you.

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But what you probably don't expect to see is your delicious pizza being brought to your door by a police officer.

Well, that's exactly what happened in Detroit as a copper stepped in after a pizza delivery driver was injured in a car crash.

Lincoln Park police corporal Joe Sparks told the Detroit News that the Jet's Pizza driver was involved in a collision and sent to hospital with bruises and a sore head.

Sparks spotted the still-warm oven bag in the wrecked car before it was towed away and realised the delivery address was nearby.

So the 16-year police veteran, being the true hero he is, took it upon himself to deliver the pizza.

He said he "just figured it was the right thing to do", knowing that "someone on the other end was waiting for their food".

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And even though Carl Babik, who got the pizza, was likely overjoyed to hear the doorbell ring, it didn't stop him panicking that he was in trouble when he saw Sparks at the front door.

What a turbulent journey. Now we're just hungry for pizza.