Cat rescued after getting head stuck in glass jar


This cat had to be rescued by the RSPCA after getting its head stuck in a discarded glass jar.

The animal was spotted by eagle-eyed workers at a paper recycling plant in Kent who contacted the charity for assistance.

But it took several days to capture the scared animal before it could be helped and freed from the jar.

A cat with its head stuck in a discarded glass jar

"I spotted the frightened and confused cat under a portable cabin but couldn't reach him so set up a trap," said animal collection officer Emma Byrne, who was alerted to the cat's plight by staff at DS Smith Paper in Kemsley, Sittingbourne.

"We went back to check on him that night but he'd still not ventured out from his hiding place and stayed hidden for the next few days.

"When we returned again on May 26 he was sat in the middle of the yard and we managed to catch him with a net. I freed him from the jar and we gave him a check over but, luckily, he wasn't injured and was in a good condition."

A cat with its head stuck in a discarded  glass jar
The jar was well and truly lodged on the cat's head (RSPCA/PA)

The unnamed cat was taken home by Nicky Honey from Mobile Cat Neutering Clinic. The cat will be neutered before being released.

Now the RSPCA is reminding people about the dangers of littering to stop a similar thing happening again.

Byrne added: "Leaving litter lying around can be very dangerous for wildlife and for our pets. This cat had a lucky escape but discarded jars, tin cans, elastic bands or carrier bags can be a real death trap for animals and birds."

The cat after being freed from the glass jar

Anyone who spots an animal in distress should call the RSPCA's 24-hour helpline on 0300 1234 999.