Brave seven-year-old attempts to fight off armed robbers with his fists


A brave seven-year-old confronted two armed robbers with his fists after they stormed a game store.

The two suspects entered GameStop in Silver Spring, Maryland, in the US, at about 8.56pm on May 20, dressed in hoodies and armed with handguns.

One demanded three customers - including the young boy - stand against a wall near the counter and as he tried to grab the child, the young boy threw a few punches his way.

The confrontation was caught on CCTV and saw the suspects then walk behind the counter and order two members of staff to the floor, before taking an undisclosed amount of cash and personal property and fleeing the scene.

The young boy's father, who was also in GameStop during the armed robbery, admitted he had no idea his son had tried to fight back until the ordeal was over.

Speaking to Fox 5, he said: "Of course, we think our son is brave and a strong kid. But we didn't exactly know why and when we saw the tape, we saw why.

"Because he saw somebody who was a stranger, who seemed most dangerous to him and he tried to defend himself. I think it was his natural instinct taking over there."