At 96 Dr Heimlich finally got to use the Heimlich manoeuvre to save someone's life


Dr. Henry Heimlich holds his memoirs

If you've ever had to do a first aid course, chances are you will have been taught the Heimlich manoeuvre - yep, it's the dramatic technique used to prevent people from choking.

It was developed in the 1970s and has been credited with saving thousands of lives around the world. And now, the doctor famous for developing the procedure has just used it himself for the first time, to save a woman who lives at his retirement home.

Dr Henry Heimlich, 96, said he has demonstrated the well-known manoeuvre many times through the years. But, actually, he had never used it before in an emergency.

An employee at the Deupree House in Cincinnati, where Heimlich lives, said the retired chest surgeon was in the room when the 87-year-old woman began choking.

The employee said Heimlich dislodged a piece of burger from the woman's airway and she quickly recovered.

And Heimlich says it made him appreciate how wonderful it has been "to be able to save all those lives".