Voters' frustration over EU referendum campaign bubbles over in BBC debate


You might be forgiven for thinking you'd accidentally tuned in to Prime Minister's Questions, given the abundance of shouting and interruptions filling the studio during Thursday night's BBC EU debate.

Tempers got heated as the young audience criticised the quality of the EU referendum campaign so far - particularly the mud-slinging and scaremongering of both sides.

Audience members in both the Remain and Leave camps were angry at the lack of plain-speaking. And the undecided camp weren't best pleased too.

Alex Salmond, one of the four panel members, attempted to address the disquiet fairly early on, winning him approval on social media.

But unfortunately the atmosphere didn't improve, descending into a Jeremy Kyle-eque soap opera.

One poor questioner even went as far as to say she felt like she was in the House of Commons during Prime Minister's Question's.

Even when people did like what was being said, their applause just added to the chaos.

Final verdict?