Sadiq Khan backs the Remain campaign in a letter to all Londoners


Sadiq Khan

Sadiq Khan has written a letter urging Londoners to vote to remain in the EU. In a letter on his City Hall blog (yes, the Mayor of London has a blog. No, sadly he doesn't share outfits and makeup tips on it), Khan urged fellow Londoners to consider the "international collaboration is in our city's DNA" as well as workers' rights, air quality and the rights of women in the workplace.

He wrote: "I am deeply humbled by the trust and hope that our city has placed in me. I'm determined to repay your trust by always doing everything in my power to ensure that all Londoners get the opportunities that our great city gave to me.

"One of the first challenges we face together as a city is in just four weeks' time. It is one of the most important decisions of our lifetimes - and the stakes could not be higher.

"There are strongly held views on both sides of the EU debate - and I genuinely respect those Londoners who disagree with me on this issue. But as a Mayor for all Londoners, it is important that I clearly explain why I strongly believe it is in London's best interest to remain in Europe."

He continued: "I believe being part of Europe will mean more jobs and opportunities for all Londoners and more trade, business and exports for our city.

"We also know it will help protect our workers' rights, improve London's air quality and ensure women's rights in the workplace are respected - helping us crack the glass ceiling.

"But the clincher for me is that international collaboration is in our city's DNA. In London we have always looked outwards, formed new partnerships and learned from others.

"These are the values that have shaped our city's history. London did not become the great, vibrant city it is today by taking an isolationist approach or by putting up new barriers.

"I look forward to taking this decision together with you - and with all Londoners - and working together to tackle the many challenges we face."

Sadiq Khan
(Jonathan Brady/PA)

Earlier today Sadiq Khan journeyed to Second Home in East London, the land of beards, fixed-gear bicycles and deconstructed spaghetti bolognese. The Mayor of London was in the area to give a speech for "thinkers and makers" in a room full of mismatched chairs.

Because matching chairs are for squares. Much vintage. Very hip.

Khan gave a speech on why we should remain in the EU to a crowd of creative types. Meanwhile, some people in the room were distracted by just how East London this East London venue was.

So there you have it. Vote IN for workers' rights and mismatched chairs. Or something.