Mother of murdered Jamar Walker, 15, urges witnesses to come forward


The mother of a 15-year-old boy who was murdered in a street attack has urged witnesses to help detectives bring his killer to justice.

Jamar Walker, from Handsworth, Birmingham, died in hospital in December after being stabbed near a pub in Raglan Road, Smethwick, West Midlands.

Although several people have been charged in connection with disorder which also left a 17-year-old youth with a back injury, nobody has been charged with killing Jamar.

In a statement released by West Midlands Police, Jamar's mother, who asked not to be named, said: "This is a desperate appeal for witnesses to please come forward with any information - no matter how insignificant you believe it to be.

"My adorable son and his friend were just walking down the street but did not reach their destination as they were brutally attacked.

"Jamar's life was ended in an unimaginably violent manner and no one, let alone a child, deserves to die like that.

"As yet no one has been brought to justice and it is imperative that the attackers are found and prosecuted. Someone knows who these people are; someone must have seen or heard something.

"It is known that Raglan Road was busy with people at the time of Jamar's stabbing. Please, come forward and help prevent another innocent life being violently ended."

Jamar's cousin, who also wishes to remain anonymous, added: "Imagine kissing your child goodbye. They give you a massive bear hug but it's the last time you ever see or hear them alive.

"This is the pain Jamar's mum has to endure every day."

A 33-year-old man currently remains on police bail after being arrested on suspicion of murder.

Meanwhile, two 17-year-old youths are facing charges of attempted murder in connection with the disturbance.

Detective Inspector Warren Hines is appealing for information from people who were in and around The Puffing Billy pub at the time of the stabbings on December 20.

The senior officer said: "This has been a challenging investigation and we still really need to hear from people who were there on the night Jamar was killed.

"My officers are highly experienced in supporting witnesses who are worried about coming forward.

"West Midlands Police - in conjunction with the courts and others - can put a range of measures in place to make people who speak out feel safer. So, please, do the right thing and get in touch."

Anyone with information is urged to call West Midlands Police on 101 or to leave information anonymously by calling the independent charity Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.