10 seriously bizarre items discovered in cars by Kwik Fit

We've all got bits and bobs hanging around in the backs of our cars that we forget are there; you know, books, clothes, a packet of half-eaten toffees. There are items you just throw into the boot without thinking, and maybe there've been times when you've been a bit embarrassed by the clutter in your car...

But a pet python, a sex toy and a headstone?! Well, that's maybe a bit more bizarre than what a repair and servicing company would expect to discover.

The firm has even built a giant "hamster wagon" to celebrate its rescue of a pet rodent from behind a glove box.

A 12ft pedal-powered mechanical model hamster is unveiled at commuter hotspots across London this morning, which has been created in the likeness of Jaffa the hamster
(Tim Anderson/Kwik Fit)

Jaffa the hamster was returned to his six-year-old owner by Kwik Fit technicians after escaping from his cage on the way back from the vets.

Here are the 10 strangest items discovered by Kwik Fit technicians (and where they were found):

1. Headstone bearing customer's name (back seat)

2. Python (passenger footwell)

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3. Prosthetic hand (back seat)

4. Sex toy (glove box)

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5. Hamster (behind glove box)

6. £10,000 engagement ring (under passenger seat)

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7. Cockerel (rear footwell)

8. Bird's nest (under bonnet)

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9. Kitten (under bonnet)

10. Set of false teeth (dashboard)

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Dhiren Master, marketing director at Kwik Fit, said: "It always raises a smile to hear about the weird and wonderful things our technicians come across on a daily basis. With such a wide customer base, there are no limits to what we could return back to customers next.

"Rescuing Jaffa the hamster was a fantastic example of how our technicians are prepared to go the extra mile for customers to show they care."

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