This reasoned letter on student loan repayments is really hitting home with graduates


A graduate has penned a letter to his MP accusing the Government of mis-selling him a student loan.

Simon Crowther has calculated that he would need to earn £41,000 per year just to keep up with the interest payments on his debt.

The 22-year-old called the situation a "debacle" and has called on his MP to help him raise concerns about the situation in an open letter shared on Facebook.

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Crowther completed his degree in civil engineering at the University of Nottingham. He was in the first year group who were expected to pay up to £9,000 a year for tuition fees.

Since graduating last summer his interest payments per month have ranged from a low of £126.67 in February to £186.24 in August 2015.

Crowther said that he took out the loan on the understanding the interest rate would remain at between 0 and 0.5%, but it has since risen to above 3%.

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In the passionate open letter to Gedling MP Vernon Coaker he wrote: "Just to cover the interest, I would need to be earning over *£41,000* a year. Unless I earn that much, my student loan will increase due to the interest.

"I would like to know how many new and recently-qualified graduates are earning over £41,000? I am only 22 years old and out of university less than a year.

"I have actually set up my own business and have been able to employ two people. As I am employing two people my own salary is lower, which means my student loan will be increasing due to the interest.

"I feel we have been mis-sold the loan. A commercial firm would not be allowed to buy loans from another company and then hike the interest rates. This is not what I and thousands of others signed up to. How can it be allowed?

Vernon Coaker
Simon Crowther's letter has been sent to MP Vernon Coaker (Jonathan Brady/PA)

"How can our loan agreements be altered without our prior knowledge. This is a disgraceful act by a government which encouraged us when at school, to go on to higher education - helped by a government loan with the promise of a low interest repayment scheme.

"Along with many of my former university colleagues, we have lost our trust in this Government. We have been told that as graduates, we are the future leaders of the country in politics, engineering and commerce.

"I trust when our generation reaches parliament, our future government is never so short sighted as to treat their 'future leaders' in such an underhand way."

The letter has been shared and liked more than 10,000 times since it was posted on Facebook. A copy has also been sent to Prime Minister David Cameron.

The Student Loans Company sets out repayment rates on its website.