Rent proposal needs to address London's gender pay gap, Sadiq Khan told

Efforts must be made to stop women from being unfairly priced out of renting in London because of the gender pay gap, a member of the London Assembly has argued.

Sian Berry challenged new mayor Sadiq Khan on his idea for a London Living Rent as he faced his first question time at City Hall.

Khan hopes to move away from affordability being linked to the market value of a property and instead make it connected to local earnings.

He wants the London Living Rent to be based on a formula of a third of average of local income to "address gross unaffordability" in the capital.

But Green Assembly Member Berry challenged him on the difference between average earnings for men and women, which could leave women disadvantaged when renting.

She raised how London has the "largest gender pay gap" and that "twice as many women than men pay more than half of their salary on rent".

Khan agreed to talk to her about the concerns.

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