Eight times newly-appointed Enterprise Tsar Lord Sugar criticised the government


Former Labour Party peer Lord Sugar has been appointed the government's new Enterprise Tsar despite strong criticism of Prime Minister David Cameron and his cabinet in the past.

Here are eight times Lord Sugar used Twitter to criticise Mr Cameron and his government.

1. Just over 12 months ago on April 15 2015, Lord Sugar posted: "Hollow promises and false claims from Cameron.He wants to bring back The Good Life. He cant Richard Briers and Paul Eddington are both dead."

2. On October 22  2013 he posted: "Why doesn't Cameron silence this idiot Clegg . How many more gaffs can he spout off on TV. Makes the coalition look like a joke."

3. On November 29 2012 he wrote: "Cameron going back on his word to implement Leveson recommendations.He takes credit for initiating inquiry.Now wants do nothing about it."

4. On October 5 2012 he wrote: "Jeremey Hunt messed up as culture secretary now talking rubbish as health secretary. He's a embarrassment, Cameron needs to chuck him out."

5. On December 1 2011 he wrote: "Tories taking no responsibility for state of UK economy and excuses are getting old. Time to take responsibility for what they are doing."

6. And on October 25 2011 he accused Mr Cameron of causing the market to tumble: "PM Cameron spills beans and advises that EU financial meeting and thus decision scheduled for tomorrow is now off . Market tumbling a bit."

7. In October 2010 he accused the Prime Minister of stealing his "windfarm idea". He posted: "See me talking about how Cameron nicked my windfarm idea and other bits here"

8. On October 20 2010 he posted: "How is private sector expected to deal with increased unemployment of 490k? Osborne fails to realise deficit can't be cut without growth."