Most people prefer rainy bank holiday weekends so they can stay in and watch TV...


More than half of people sometimes secretly wish for a rainy weekend so they can watch box sets, stay in their pyjamas or just be lazy all day, according to a new survey.

While we are all outwardly hoping for a sunny bank holiday, polling of 2,003 people for the Met Office suggests 54% find themselves occasionally wanting bad weather as an excuse to relax.

The survey by Opinium Research found that top reasons for wishing for a washout include being generally lazy, saving money, staying in pyjamas all weekend, watching box sets or having a film-watching weekend.

Rain on a window
(Neil Blake/AP)

The poll also found 42% of people have used bad weather as an excuse not to attend an event, with more than a quarter (26%) dodging a meeting with friends, while 22% had skipped shopping and 11% had avoided seeing their partner's family.

Clare Nasir, Met Office meteorologist and presenter, said: "Ahead of the bank holiday, most people around the UK will be talking about their hopes and plans for a long, sunny weekend.

"But our research shows that secretly, many hope for a washout so they have an excuse to do nothing."

We've all been there.

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