EU referendum: 7 key dates to watch out for in the coming month


With just a month to go until Britain heads to the polls, we've taken a look at the key dates remaining in the referendum countdown.

Here are all the important dates you should make a note of.

1. May 26/27th

David Cameron will attend the G7 Summit in Japan.

Leaders of the other six nations are likely to repeat their calls for Britain not to quit the EU.

2. June 2nd

Cameron will be interviewed in front of a live audience for an hour on Sky News.

3. June 3rd

Michael Gove, a prominent Leave campaigner, will also be interviewed on Sky News.

4. June 7th

David Cameron and Nigel Farage
(Frank Augstein/AP/Lauren Hurley/PA)

This day marks the deadline for registering to vote via postal or proxy, but varies across the country.

Cameron and Nigel Farage will also be interviewed on this date on an ITV special separately.

5. June 16th

International Monetary Fund figures are expected to be released.

The IMF's chief Christine Lagarde predicts a bleak future for a post-Brexit UK.

6. June 21st

David Dimbleby will host a live debate in which thousands of voters quiz the Leave and Remain camps two days before polls open.

7. June 23rd

Polling Day: Voters will turn out in their millions to decide the future of their country.