A cow died trying to find her missing calf who was killed by a police car

A rather tragic tale to start off the week: A Highland cow believed to be in search of her calf, which was killed in a crash, has also died in a road collision.

They were both hit by vehicles on Minchinhampton Common in Gloucestershire. The calf was killed Sunday night in a road crash with a police car and the mother died Monday morning at around 6:30am after she was hit by a van on Cirencester Road.

The owner of the two, Joyce Jones, told the Gloucester Citizen: "It's possible she was looking for her calf this morning."

A highland cow in a field
(Johnny Green/PA)

When talking about the calf, named Jonny with a distinctive white tail, she added.

"It was a police car that hit him last night. He (the driver) reckoned he was on a call but he did not have his blue lights or siren on. He did not see him, he reckoned.

"He said he was looking at the others on the side of the road and hit Jonny. His car is a write-off, and Jonny was killed instantly.

"He was only a year old and he was a very independent little boy. He had a mum and an auntie who looked out for him. He always wanted to go his own way."

A British police officer blocks a public footpath

A story possibly even more traumatic than Bambi.

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