It looks like the Labour Party accidentally sent everyone an email addressed to 'Firstname'


Twitter users have been talking about an awkward email sent by the Labour Party, asking for support in the "remain" campaign. The emails were lacking in a certain personal touch - they were all addressed to "Firstname".

Many people have shared screenshots of the email mishap on Twitter.

While some have used the technical blunder as an opportunity to moan, others have seen the funny side. Let's be honest, did anyone actually think there was a person at Labour HQ writing every single email out individually?

The illusion is shattered forever.

It's times like this political parties probably really, really hate Twitter. But hey Jez and co, there's a silver lining! More people than ever will have seen the email, thus spreading word of your desire to share the supposed benefits of staying in the EU (climate change, equal rights and cheap flights).