Karen Harding missed her cue to sing the national anthem at the FA Cup final and we all cringed

The nation collectively cringed at poor X Factor star Karen Harding when she totally missed her cue to sing at the FA Cup final between Manchester United and Crystal Palace. Karen stood in expectant silence as the crowds around her belted out God Save the Queen.

Karen Harding sings the national anthem prior to kick off.
(Adam Davy/EMPICS Sport)

Karen has since taken to Twitter to apologise for missing her cue, blaming the blunder on technical difficulties.

She also shared a clip of her rehearsing before the match and her vocals are INCREDIBLE. That. Voice.

The BBC's match commentator Guy Mowbray pointed out afterwards: "There's a lot of noise around the place, it's easy to miss your cue."

Karen managed to style out the mishap like a pro, but that didn't stop people on Twitter from having a dig.

Poor Karen, we feel your pain. Hey, look on the bright side, at least people will remember your performance forever.

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