Police face backlash after making murder scene out of sand

Police officers who made a female murder victim out of sand with a spade sticking out of her back and police tape surrounding her have come under fire from people who say it is insensitive.

Devon and Cornwall police created the sculpture, showing a "murder scene", on a beach in Perranporth. The sand woman is complete with seaweed hair and breasts, and lies face down with a spade in her back.

The woman in the sand won the prize for best sand sculpture in the Cornwall Beach Games. Other entries included a less offensive lifeboat and intricate sand castle.

For some, including councillor Hanna Toms for Falmouth Penwerris, the sculpture was inconsiderate.

She said: "It missed the mark for me. I think it is in poor taste.

"Some people would have seen it and it may have reminded them of past experiences. This is a coastal community and people will have lost loved ones in the sea."

She added that the sand woman's large breasts were "sexual stereotyping" and "unhelpful" for the police.

However, others were able to see the funny side of the sand sculpture.

Devon and Cornwall have since removed the photo from Facebook and have apologised for any offence caused.

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