GCSE pupils are relieved there was actually chemistry in the AQA chemistry exam

Guys, it has happened again.

You know when you would come out of a GCSE exam and everyone would huddle together and complain about how hard it was? Or everyone would be babbling on about how easy they thought, say, question five was?

Now GCSE pupils take to Twitter to discuss how they found the papers. ICYMI, earlier in the week there were some very confused tweets about the AQA Biology exam...

Some questions in that paper totally baffled students - including one that seemed like a business studies question and reportedly asked pupils to define an "independent company". Riiiiight.

So, kinda understandably, pupils weren't exactly looking forward to the chemistry exam.

But WAIT - things seemed to have improved when it came to AQA chemistry. Phew.

Here's some more tweets about the C1 paper that are, well, pretty hilarious.

Of course not everyone thought it went well...

And it will be a while until people get over those biology questions from the other day.

But we just hope this tweeting happens after every exam that's coming up... it's making us feel all nostalgic.

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