This police horse is better at football than you are


When they're not busy patrolling the streets and fighting crime, police horses like to relax and unwind like anyone else. A video clip released by Thames Valley Police shows a hooved member of their police force enjoying a kick around after a hard day at the office.

Luna the horse was filmed playing in a menage at Milton Keynes Central Police Station. She dribbles, she shoots and she scores with a rather modest celebration (well, it's hard to pull a football shirt over your head and skid along on your knees when you're a horse).

So what else do police horses do on their days off? The TVP Mounted Section Twitter account has all the answers.

They hang out with their pals.

They enjoy a pamper session.

And they even enjoy some private time with like-minded individuals.

Further proof that horses are just awkward humans trapped in long-nosed bodies.