Theresa May and the unfortunate incident of the unicorn horn


What was your favourite moment of the Queen's speech?

There was a plethora of moments away from the political business of the actual speech to choose from.

But there was a standout moment picked up by the TV cameras - Home Secretary Theresa May with a wooden unicorn seemingly up her nose.

OK, so it wasn't an entire unicorn, it was the unicorn's horn.

Soon it became people's favourite moment - caught by a camera panning round the assembled MPs as they listened to the Queen read out the Government's plans for the coming year.

We like the bemused look on the wood-carved lion, which at this angle looks like it's stood with the other MPs.

Other top moments in the running were Dennis Skinner's annual heckle, David Cameron and Jeremy Corbyn making super awkward small talk - or not - and the Queen using a lift rather than stairs to get to a room.

A unicorn will always win.