Daydream is Google's way of taking over the virtual reality space

Virtual reality is taking over the world.

Google already has Cardboard, the low-budget headset that combined with a smartphone gives anyone the power to experience VR.

Google virtual reality
(Eric Risberg/AP)

Now, as premium systems begin to appear on the market, Google has decided it also wants to do more to boost virtual reality among the masses.

During the I/O keynote, Daydream was revealed - a mobile virtual reality platform for creating and streamlining virtual reality content.

The new platform will serve as a proofing ground for VR content Google says, and contains a list of specifications Google believes apps intended to be used in virtual reality should meet. A similar list for smartphones and headsets has also been created - even producing blueprints for a headset that it is sharing with manufacturers.

Google Cardboard
(M. Spencer Green/AP)

Smartphone makers including Samsung, HTC and Huawei, have already signed up to Daydream, Google said.

Not only that, but Google has also created a new motion controller to go with their VR set-up, and crucially has polished up it's own suite of apps for the VR world too.

The Play Store can now be viewed and explored in virtual reality, as can YouTube. Even more interestingly, a host of new partners have been brought in to create dedicated apps, including IMAX.

It may currently lack the power of a Vive or Oculus Rift, but Google's VR vision is gathering pace and plenty of content.

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