Boris Johnon got very angry about bananas and vacuum cleaners on the Vote Leave campaign trail


Boris Johnson has claimed the European Union prevents bananas being sold in more than bunches of three.

The Vote Leave campaigner hit out at "absurd" regulations as he made fresh light-hearted claims during a speech in Stafford town centre.

The former London mayor said taking back control would allow Britain to get rid of "pointless" EU rules.

Johnson went on: "This gentleman here mentions bananas. It is absurd that we are told you cannot sell bananas of bunches of more than two or three bananas.

"You cannot sell bananas with abnormal curvature of the fingers. Why should they tell us?

"Why should they tell us how powerful our vacuum cleaners should be? Why should they tell us how powerful our hairdryers should be?

"This is not a matter for an international, supranational body to dictate to the British people."

This is actually not the first time Boris has talked about food on his campaign trail.

boris waves a cornish pasty and a bunch of asparagus on the campaign trail
(Stefan Rousseau/PA)

Only last week he brandished a Cornish pasty out of his Brexit battlebus and waved around a bunch of asparagus to some presumably quite confused locals.