Everyone was outraged over Panorama's Puppy Dealers investigation


Monday night saw social media come alive with collective distress as BBC One went inside some of Britain's cruellest puppy farms. Viewers flocked to Twitter to condemn distressing footage from inside the farms.

According to Panorama a third of all dogs bought today come from puppy farms - licensed and unlicensed.

The puppy farms shown exhibited dogs held in small, cramped conditions. On seeing the horrendous conditions animals were subjected to in breeding hubs, viewers were outraged.

A panel of experts watching Samantha Poling's undercover footage said it was "barely adequate for overnight". They noted that while bedding was provided, dealers had used sawdust instead of something more suitable, as sawdust is not advised because it can easily get in the puppies' water.

Farms also used inadequate barriers for disease and the spaces provided were said to be too small. Panorama's investigations found no evidence that dogs had been socialised or walked.

Panorama's investigations revealed that a "show bitch" was used to assure careful customers that mothers and puppies were still around and they were allowed to bond. Breeders would pretend the dog was the "family pet", to fool customers into believing that puppies came from a good home.

Many on Twitter called for tighter regulation on both licensed and unlicensed farms.

Sadly, the conclusion of the programme revealed the tragic consequences of puppy farming - a litter of lifeless puppies dumped by the side of the road when the dealer realised that they were either dead or dying.

(BBC Panorama)

Naturally, many viewers were distressed at the sight of the pups.

If you watched the programme and would like to take action against puppy farms, the RSPCA is running a petition to crack down on trafficking from abroad as well as backstreet dealing within the UK.