Watch the heart-warming story of a mum who ran the Race For The Kids event blindfolded for her son


Lucy Constable's four-year-old son Freddie would be blind if it wasn't for the care given to him by the Great Ormond Street Hospital.

Freddie was diagnosed with bilateral congenital glaucoma, which has no cure, when he was just three months old and he has since undergone eight operations.

To show her appreciation for the care her son has been given, and raise money for the hospital, Lucy decided to run the Great Ormond Street Hospital's Race For The Kids event blindfolded.

"We are running blindfolded because without Great Ormond Street Freddie would have lost his sight," Lucy said.

"It is to represent how grateful we are for that and it gives you a sense of what he feels when he can't see and when he comes out of surgery and he's got these eye patches on his eyes.

"I think right now I can't help but get past just one day at a time. In the future I hope he's proud of what we've all done and hopefully he can carry on the fundraising that we've started under his name for Great Ormond Street."