Woman shaken but unhurt after claiming a rogue turtle hurtled through her car windscreen


A reptile that would put the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to shame allegedly smashed through a Florida driver's windscreen after being hit by a car.

Nicole Marie Bjanes posted two photos showing the unlucky turtle resting on her windscreen, surrounded by shards of glass below her completely obliterated windscreen.

So this happend today! On I4 he lived... - Nicole Marie Bjanes | Facebook

Explaining what happened she said: "There was a turtle crossing I4, the car in to the left of me hit it and propelled it straight through the windshield!

Nobody is thought to have been hurt in the accident, and the turtle seemed fine after its unexpected flight. It's now been put back in the water, Nicole said.

She added: "The guy at the hospital was laughing at how he should word the incident!!!

"Life is good and sometimes a little crazy....someone is keeping my on my toes and entertained."