Protesters storm Oxford Street in demo against Topshop owner Sir Philip Green


Protesters in central London blocked traffic in a demonstration against Topshop owner Sir Philip Green.

Starting outside the company's flagship store in Oxford Circus, protesters stood in the road blocking buses and cars whilst chanting "Topshop, shame on you".

About 150-200 protesters from a number of organisations stood in the middle of one of London's busiest roads on Saturday.

The demonstration was billed as part the United Voices Of The World union's campaign for a real living wage for cleaners at Topshop.

Aysan Dennis, from protest group Class War, told the Press Association: "We want our voices heard. This is a class war."

Asked why she was blocking traffic she said, pointing at Topshop. "I don't care. The tax dodgers are the real criminals."

Despite a large police presence there was no attempt by officers to move the protesters from the middle of the road.

After police moved the group out of Oxford Circus, they marched down Oxford Street and a small number attempted to charge into John Lewis.

Scuffles between police and protesters broke out as officers stood in front of the store entrance.

Masked members of Class War lit red smoke bombs as bemused shoppers watched on.

Teresa Grey, from United Voices Of The World, said the group took to the streets to "make their voices heard".

She said: "Two Topshop cleaners joined our union. For that, one was sacked, the other suspended."

Asked where they were marching to, she said: "No idea. We're just marching."

The group then gathered outside Marble Arch Topshop, forcing the store to close its shutters leaving dozens of shoppers locked inside for about 15 minutes.

Protesters stood outside the store, continuing to chant and bang drums.