Eurovision 2016: The alternative commentary


If Graham Norton wants to continue commentating for Eurovision he'd better watch out - a rival has been quietly tweeting her way into viewers' hearts.

A parody account purporting to be the Queen of England provided a scathing live commentary as the competition final got under way, mercilessly mocking competitors' outfits, vocal ability and song choices.

Actually, there wasn't much she didn't tear to shreds...

As each of the finalists sang their hearts out with varying degrees of skill, coordination, and uncontrollable hair, 'Her Maj' gave her two pennies worth of snark in 140-character sized chunks.

It's what we were all thinking, but didn't dare to say.

She even managed to slip in some #Brexit references.

Well, at least she dished out the mockery pretty equally...

We salute you, Queenie.