Chelsea fans were delighted at John Terry's new contract offer...and then realised he might not sign it


It's been a miserable season for Chelsea so you can understand the joy of their fans when it was announced that captain John Terry had been offered a new contract.

Terry looked to have played his last game for the club after two decades of service following his red card at Sunderland last weekend. It would have been an unglamorous way to sign off.

Reports this week suggested Terry was going to be told his time at Stamford Bridge was up and the end of a Chelsea era confirmed. To the delight of Chelsea fans those reports were wrong and their inspirational leader has the option of a one-year deal. Cue celebrations.

The 35-year-old defender's unexpected deal even drew comparisons with Game Of Thrones character Jon Snow after his return from the dead in the current series.

But after the initial joy, some Chelsea fans started to get a little anxious.

Today's announcement did not confirm Terry would be staying, only that he is considering the offer.

Terry has always pledged his allegiance to Chelsea - he's a one-club man - but after his long wait to be offered the deal people started to wonder...

Others even suggested Chelsea's offer was politically motivated.

In any case there is no questioning what Chelsea fans want Terry do to.

We're not sure Blues fans could handle Terry leaving after the season they've had.