Willie Rennie asked Prince Charles what he bought the Queen for her birthday to honour a bet


Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie has donated £100 to charity after winning a bet with Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale to ask the Prince of Wales what he bought the Queen for her birthday.

Willie Rennie
(Andrew Milligan/PA)

The leaders met Charles, the Duke of Rothesay, after the Kirking of the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh on Wednesday.

Dugdale dared Rennie to ask him what he gave the Monarch as a 90th birthday gift, with the Prince looking taken aback by the question when he was introduced to the Lib Dem leader by outgoing Presiding Officer Tricia Marwick.

The Lib Dems confirmed Rennie's £100 winnings have already been donated to Edinburgh's Gorgie City Farm.

Prince Charles
(Danny Lawson/PA)

We're still waiting to hear how Prince Charles responded exactly.