Painting or photo? Man captures eerie hail streaks over Colorado sky

Art often imitates life, but it's less common for it to happen the other way around.

Just that happened when Stephen Peterson took a photograph of the evening sky on Tuesday during a hail storm near Colorado Springs, Colorado.

While driving home this evening... - Stephen Pete Peterson | Facebook

In the image, which resembles a surrealistic painting more than a photo, eerie white streaks produced by falling hail descend from the sky.

Stephen said: "I normally don't take photos when I'm driving but I made an exception tonight. Opened the sunroof and stuck the camera out. The sun was setting in the west (behind me) and shining on the hail coming down from the clouds."

Hail as large as 1.25 inches in diameter fell near Colorado Springs that day.

Mind. Blown.

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