Doncaster police pose for pictures with 'emu' strolling the streets


There was an 'emu' wandering around the streets of Doncaster on Thursday.

If you didn't expect to read that today then spare a thought for residents in the South Yorkshire town who woke up to see the large flightless bird wandering down the street.

Police in Doncaster posted photos of the bird on Facebook and, while there is debate as to whether it is an emu or a rhea, who cares - there was a large flightless bird from either Australia or South America kicking about in Doncaster.

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Perhaps even stranger is the fact this is the second time this has happened in Doncaster in the past 18 months.

A rhea - this one was confirmed as the South American variety of bird - was on the loose and causing "issues for motorists" in the area of High Melton back in November 2014.

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The details around today's sighting are not completely clear, but according to a report in the Doncaster Free Press, several of their readers had suggested that today's bird was, in fact, a regular presence in the area.

Apparently a man in the Intake area of the town takes it for walks in the morning...

Of course he does. Emus need to stretch those long legs.