David Cameron just mentioned 'Boaty McBoatface' during PMQs and no-one can handle it

David Cameron mentioned Boaty McBoatface during Prime Minister's Questions to the sheer amazement of everybody watching.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn kicked off the session by wishing Sir David Attenborough a happy birthday and imploring the PM to do the same.

He obliged, but didn't quite stop there...

 Sir David Attenborough
(David Parry/PA)

Praising Sir David, the PM said: "Many of us in this house feel that we grew up with him as our teacher about the natural world, and about the environment, and he is a remarkable man."

Then he uttered a phrase no-one ever imagined would come from his lips: "Boaty McBoatface."

Snappa graphic on Boaty McBoatface

"I'm proud to say that the royal survey ship - the Arctic ship - is going to be named after David Attenborough. There was strong support for Boaty McBoatface, but I think the life raft on the boat - the submarine on the boat - is going to be named Boaty McBoatface.

"But, quite rightly, Attenborough will take top billing."

Nobody could cope.

At all.

It will be quite the read.

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