Students at Newcastle Uni are being given kits to check their drugs are safe


It's clear that regardless of legal status students are still going to take drugs. So Newcastle University's Test Your Drugs, Not Yourself initiative has won many plaudits for putting student safety first.

For £3 students can buy drug test kits which come in packs of two, Students for Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP) president Holly Robinson told VolteFace.

"The ketamine kit tests for PMA/PMMA which is often sold as MDMA and has caused multiple deaths in the UK," said Robinson, while your £3 also gets you an ecstasy kit. Both are capable of testing other drugs.

A drug testing kit on sale at Newcastle University
(SSDP Newcastle)

"Hopefully this alone will make harm reduction a normal part of illegal drug use within student communities, and prevent the reckless use of drugs," Robinson told BBC Radio 5 Live Breakfast.

"This is a stepping stone towards important changes in attitude: where students who consume drugs are fairly acknowledged and feel comfortable enough to talk about their drug use. The small number of drug users who have dependencies or problematic use will also feel more comfortable to talk about this."

It's important to note that people are dying not just from taking drugs claiming to be something they're not, but from taking drugs that contain an exceedingly high dosage.

But anything pro-actively trying to save lives can't be a bad thing.