If Canada's wildfire was in London it would have been as big as the M25


The Canadian city ravaged by a massive wildfire has been reprieved after cold temperatures and light rain stabilised the blaze, officials said.

Fire chief Darby Allen said 85% of Fort McMurray remains intact, including the city centre, and Alberta's premier Rachel Notley said officials hope to provide a schedule within two weeks for thousands of evacuated residents to return home.

The wildfire had spread to around 787 square miles. To get a sense of the scale of devastation, if the fire were in London this would've been approximately as big as the M25.

Canada wildfire graphic

About 2,400 homes and buildings were destroyed in Canada's main oil sands city, but firefighters managed to save 25,000 others, including the hospital, municipal buildings and every functioning school.

The break in the weather left officials optimistic they have reached a turning point on getting a handle on the massive wildfire. The temperature dipped to 7C on Monday after a week where the region had unseasonably warm temperatures.

Twitter extended their best wishes to Canada.