Watch brave mum and daughter confront racist neo-Nazis promoting 'all-white Britain' in city centre

The moment a mum and daughter confronted a racist group calling for a "free, white Britain" in a town centre has been captured on camera.

Sharon Forbes and daughter Savannah, 15, bravely challenged one of the campaigners, thought to be from a group called National Action, a neo-Nazi British nationalist youth movement, in Bath, Somerset, on Saturday, reports the Bristol Post.

In a video shared on Facebook by Sharon, the pair ask a man wearing a cap whether Savannah, who is mixed race, "should be booted out" of Britain.

The man, who already stated on camera he is campaigning for a "free, white Britain" replies: "I don't know, she looks white to me." He then accuses the pair of saying the teenager is mixed race "for argument's sake". That's the best he can come up with.

Sharon Forbes | Facebook

When asked by Sharon if he is "advocating a white Britain", he replies: "Yeah and what? This country has always been a white country."

Savannah then eloquently argues her corner. She says: "That was then, this is now." The racist man replies: "It's a historically white country, you just can't handle the facts." Savannah then says: "People of different skin tones can now mix and that's fine."

The man continues to try and avoid the camera and eventually runs away - as the crowd give Sharon and Savannah a round of applause.

Sharon told the Post she was "very proud" of Savannah, whose grandfather is Jamaican, for "confronting the racists in Bath".

She added: "When we saw those men we had to act. We were so shocked - it's the first time we've ever witnesses directly racism. There were lots of tourists there from all over the world and I couldn't imagine what they were thinking.

"People were upset but weren't doing anything. I think that happens more and more now - society tends to turn a blind eye."

The pair have been praised on social media for their actions.

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