Chilcot report longer than Shakespeare's entire works


The long-awaited report into the Iraq War will be published on Wednesday, July 6 - and it will weigh in at a hefty 2.6 million words.

That's longer than the complete works of William Shakespeare and JK Rowling's Harry Potter series combined.

Graphic comapring the number of words in the Chilcot report to other notable pieces of literature
(Snappa graphic)

Security checks on the 2.6 million words have been completed without the need for any redactions and the date for publication was agreed by the inquiry's head, Sir John Chilcot, and David Cameron.

In a letter to the Prime Minister, Sir John said: "National security checking of the Inquiry's report has now been completed, without the need for any redactions to appear in the text. I am grateful for the speed with which it was accomplished."

He added: "This will allow suitable time for the Inquiry to prepare the 2.6 million word report for publication, including final proof reading, formatting, printing and the steps required for electronic publication."