No one can quite believe how hot it is in the UK

Sunday's forecast got everyone very excited, with areas in southern and eastern parts of the UK predicted to be bathed in temperatures of 26C.

And amazingly, the weather has actually lived up to expectations in some parts of the country.

(Gareth Fuller/PA)

So, here's how people have been dealing with this mini heatwave (yes, we're calling it a heatwave).

People are quite frankly living the dream.

Obviously we're embracing this perfect BBQ weather.

People just can't get over these temperatures.

It's been an exciting day.

There's been some serious sunbathing action.

And if you haven't had Pimm's, well, what have you been doing?

Or ice cream for that matter.

Only thing is, we're not used to this weather one little bit.

But the thing is, we know it won't last forever.

Yeah, sorry everyone - this will be the last of the warm spell. The new week will be cloudier, cooler and will bring on the rain.

From Monday temperatures in Wales may be around 17-23C, around 18-19C in Northern Ireland and easterly breezes in areas like Aberdeen will bring 15-16C temperatures to parts of Scotland.

And as the week progresses, temperatures are still likely to be mild - but they will fall day on day. So, get BBQing!

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