Britain First has already apologised for its performance in the London elections


"Immigrants and Muslims have all moved in. Whole swathes of the city now are completely colonised. And if you look at places like east London now, they are almost all mini Sharia states," Paul Golding, leader of Britain First, declares in a video explaining why he thinks his party will fail to win a seat in the London assembly.

It's Britain First's premier major election campaign, Golding reminds us numerous times, while thanking the nationalist group's supporters for donating to help get its dreams "off the ground".

But because "all of the British people have all moved out", a claim at odds with the actual facts, Golding concedes that "we think it's very, very unlikely that we'll win a seat".

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The video was posted on Thursday night, meaning Britain First had conceded defeat before votes had even finished being cast.

If you donated to them, you're probably right to feel cheated.