Stormzy's advice to London Mayor voters


Zac Goldsmith's campaign for London Mayor has had its fair share of criticism.

The Eton-educated MP for Richmond Park has been labelled racist, accused of playing up identity politics, and laughed at widely for comparing himself to Premier League underdogs Leicester City. He also claimed a love of Bollywood before failing to name a single film.

Stormzy is the latest to share his views on the man, and his opinion may have been formed by all or none of the above. They said he shouldn't tweet about the Government. He didn't listen.

It's like Stormzy sensed the feeling among young people towards the Conservative Party's candidate and heard somebody whispering "finish him".

Votes are still to be cast and counted, with the results expected some time on Friday night, but no one can argue a comment like that from someone as popular as Stormzy is not a good thing for Zac Goldsmith.